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Luoyang Tailian New Material Co., Ltd.




Wide range of applications

Widely used in home appliances, electronic communications, transportation, medicine, equipment packaging, printing, chemicals, building materials, decoration and other industries. Products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Australia, the United States, Mexico, the Middle East, the European Union, South America and other countries and regions enjoy high reputation.


Quality assurance

It is certified by CNAS National Laboratory, IS-O9001, ISO14001, GB / T28001 and FDA for food industry. It is suitable for use in Judea Region of the KOSHER certification for Germany, Europe and the United States ROSH, REACH testing and MSDS certification.


Technical advantages

The company has two sets of the most advanced casting mill in the aluminum processing industry (Φ960 × 1900mm), one 1750mm cold rolling mill (AFC with plate shape automatic control system), 2 sets of Zhuo Shen 2000mm foil mill (AFC with plate shape automatic control system) , Electronic foil corrosion line 16.


Mature and perfect after-sales service system

To market recognition for the brand to customer requirements as the standard. The requirements of customers is our pursuit! We are willing to provide customers with solutions and technical support!


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Company News


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Luoyang Tailian New Material Co. Ltd., founded in April 2016, the factory covers an area of 140 mu, the company registered capital of 50 million, the project total investment of 380 million yuan, including construction investment of 280 million yuan, 100 million yuan of liquidity. Business scope: aluminum and Aluminum Alloy products production, processing and sales, engaged in goods and technology import and export business, has more than 260 employees, including 21 senior engineers, the company is located in Luoyang Yichuan county industrial agglomeration zone weft six road covers an ar...


Yichuan County, Luoyang City


National Advisory Hotline:13938258053
Pre - sales service hotline:13938258053

Luoyang Tailian New Material Co., Ltd.
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